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  • Prodotto da: DigitalPersona

DigitalPersona One Touch ID SDK per Windows

Il Kit SDK (Software Development Kit) One Touch ID per windows di Digital Persona offre agli sviluppatori la possibilità di integrare l'autenticazione biometrica nelle applicazioni sviluppate in ambiente Windows. Supporta i sensori biometrici Digital Persona della linea U.are.U.

Il prodotto sarà disponibile nell'area cliente per il download, dopo averne effettuato l'acquisto.

High Speed Identification - Fast, accurate identification of users with just a single touch.
High Scalability - Quickly look up individuals from within groups of thousands of users.
Enhanced Security - Eliminate “double-dipping” fraud.
Reduced IT Costs - No need to provision usernames, ID numbers, PINs or swipe cards.
Increased User Productivity - No need to remember/enter usernames, ID numbers, PINs or swipe cards.
Fast, Efficient Development - .NET programming interface for easy application development.
Economical Licensing Model - No per-template or per-user license fees.
The One Touch I.D. SDK continues the DigitalPersona tradition of providing solid, proven tools for developers to incorporate into mission-critical applications.

Principali caratteristiche One Touch I.D. 2.2.1
  • 64-bit support. Provides for larger in-memory I.D. lists
  • Allows creation of I.D. lists greater than the 20,000 templates
  • Supports both single-finger and two-finger identification
  • Extends identification to templates enabling developers to run duplicate enrollment checks
  • One Touch for Windows 1.6.1 RTE is included. No need to build the sample application before execution
  • Also includes the One Touch for Windows .NET documentation and samples

Brochure (PDF, 500kB)