Product Details
  • Manufactured by: Bio-Office

Attendance and access detection OC500

OC500 is the ideal solution for access control and attendance recording, the workplace, in communities, including schools, banks or even condominiums.
With the use of transponders or RFID card or a password, you can manage and control the passage of people, opening doors or gates, in an easy and very cheap. This model, unlike OC200 allows to manage up to 20,000 users, and storing 200,000 events.
The bundled software allows users to split into groups and manage diversified ways times: it fits perfectly and then use business even in the presence of continuous work shifts.
OC500 can be used stand alone or networked, and data can be entered or downloaded with a normal USB flash drive.
  Product Description
  • USA TI 300MHz high speed processor
  • User name display and human voice prompt
  • Realtime data transfer and WEB online tracking
  • Optional access controller for separate type secure access control
  • 6-digit code work, 15 groups, 32 time ranges, 30 bell schedulers and 50 short messages
  • Standard USB/485 communication, dry contact output, Wiegand26 output, optional USB pen drive and TCP / IP module
  • Standard RFID module, optional Mifare / HID module
  • Identification method: ID + password, card only
  • User capacity: 20,000
  • Record capacity: 200,000
  • Size: 126mm (w) * 189mm (h) * 35mm (d)
  • Software in English

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